Investment Facilitation and Attraction for Acquisition of Australian Owned Resources and Mining Assets

We are an Australia wide niche accounting practice specialising in matching the funding requirements of Australian based
mining and resource companies with investors.

The Australian government has an active policy of welcoming new foreign investment. This can take a myriad of forms,
including the establishment of a new Australian registered company in direct investment in an existing Australian based
company, or establishing a joint venture arrangement.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Terra Australis Resources Pty Ltd, the practice has built up a significant network of
Australian mining, energy and resource clients, all having world class deposits seeking further development of these

The entity has at present, a number of Australian resource and energy companies, both public and private, seeking both equity and debt funding to further develop their existing defined resource projects.

These clients currently are developing various major resource deposits including copper, gold, iron ore, nickel, silver, uranium, and also proven oil and gas reserves.

The practice is also able to act as an agent to facilitate transactions for overseas investors, and their chosen fund
representatives, with the current owners the identified Australian owned assets sought to be acquired.

The practice also has the professional skills to perform due diligence on behalf of overseas investors for identified Australian mining assets to be acquired and quantify whether or not the asset meets the stipulated matching investor selection criteria.

In order to satisfy the regulatory requirements stipulated by the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) formal
approval (of up to 100%) for foreign ownership of resource assets is necessary. Any proposed acquisition of Australian mining assets will need to conform to the policy guidelines issued under the Foreign Acquisition and Takeovers Act 1975. Compliance with these policy guidelines is a professional service that we are able to provide to potential overseas investors.

The principal, through his previous senior Government appointment, has extensive experience of preparing submissions to the Australian Foreign Investments Board for passing of Australian held assets to foreign ownership.

The principal takes a pro-active approach to tailoring investment proposals for the acquisition of Australian assets by foreign entities and individuals. The principal is up to date and fully conversant to changes covering compliance issues with the relevant government legislation governing direct foreign investment in Australia under the Foreign Acquisitions Act 1975.

The principal has extensive experience in preparing submissions (and adhering to regulatory procedures) to the Australian Government's Foreign Investment Review Board for approval of investment proposals in his previous role as a senior Government officer.

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